Yoram Lachish is recognized as one of the world’s leading contemporary jazz and world-music interpreters on the oboe. In addition to the oboe & English horn, Lachish integrates into his music a variety of ethnic wind instruments which he obtained during his travels around the world, such as Shehnai (Indian oboe), Zurna (Turkish oboe) and Shofar (Jewish traditional horn).

He performed and recorded with world renowned musicians including bassist Avishai Cohen and Idan Raichel. Overseas collaboration with the Dutch ethno-jazz trio Kepera, led to many concerts and the recording of a critically acclaimed album 'Levantasy'. Yoram is also an active member in the contemporary and experimental music scene in Tel-Aviv, performing with groups such as Tel-Aviv Art Ensemble and Musica Nova.

As a classical musician Yoram performed with leading Israeli ensembles including the Israel Chamber Orchestra, with whom he appeared as a soloist, the Israel Kibbutz Orchestra and other chamber ensembles.

This all has led to many performances around the world: Canada, Brazil, Germany, Finland, South Africa and many more. Apart from being a professional musician, Yoram is a master graduate of the Sociology & Anthropology department in Bar-Ilan University.

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